General Information

Event Director: Rafael Miguel

POF Event Adviser: Luís Santos


Hard floor and showers

  • The hard floor (with showers included) will be at the Aguiar da Beira’s sport hall
  • Opening: Friday, 25 January 2019, at 17:00
  • Close: Sunday, 27 January 2019, at 15:00
  • In addition to the hard floor, it is also possible to take shower in the Municipal Swimming Pools on Saturday between 14:00 and 19:00.
  • Note: it is prohibited to use shoes with spikes inside the hard floor. It is forbidden to cook and eat inside the playing area. Proper places for cooking will be marked.


Model Event


ABOM 2019 bib number

  • The official ABOM 2019 bib number will have printed the number bib, class, SI-card number, Club and the Country of the Club;
  • The ABOM 2019 bib number should be picked at the Secretariat, prior to the event. No athlete will be allowed to start without it.
  • We ask all the athletes to bring their own safety pins.


Updates to SI-card

  • Changes to the SIcard must be requested at the Secretariat.
  • No athlete will be allowed to start without validating the changes at the Secretariat prior to the race.


Rent a SIcard

  • The hiring of a SI-card costs € 1 per day for youth and competition classes. Rental of SIcard is free for open classes;
  • Note: the loss or non-return of SI-card implies the payment of € 50.



  • Athletes affiliated to Portuguese Orienteering Federation (POF) and non-affiliated athletes that have a residence in Portugal or Portuguese nationality are covered by insurance of the POF.
  • The remaining athletes are not covered by any insurance.



  • In the competition classes, there will be no change in start-times on the day of the race.
  • On the WRE stages, Sprint and Middle, the Elite Classes start list will be given by the Sprint Orienteering World Ranking and by the Orienteering World Ranking, respectively.
  • The open classes, W/M10 and W/M12 have no departure time. There will be a window of time where they can start, using a “START” station at the start point. In these classes, because they have a formation and promotion propose, it is possible to participate in groups. However, all participants in the group must be individually registered, as they all carry their own SIcard and map.


Competition Time limits

  • Sprint – 1 hour
  • Middle distance – 2 hours
  • Long distance – 3 hours


Map Collection

  • There will be no collection of maps at the end of the courses. We appeal to Fair Play to all participants.


GPS Tracking

  • The organization will try to have GPS Tracking on both middle and long distance races for the best athletes of the Elite classes.
  • The list of athletes chosen to use GPS will be published some days prior to the event.
  • Athletes will receive a vest at the Secretariat. These vests should be returned to the Organization at the end of the long distance.
  • GPS units will be placed in the athletes’ vests by the organizers at the beginning of the race and removed at the end.


Traffic indications

  • All relevant sites to the event will be properly marked by Orange and White Arrows.
  • Please use the routes marked by the organization.


ABOM 2019 overall results

  • The final ranking of the ABOM 2019 (individual and collective) will be calculated by the sum of the points of the middle and long races.



  • ABOM 2019 Clubs classification: prices for the 3 best Clubs.
  • ABOM 2019 individual classification:
    • Prizes for the first 3 ranked athletes in each class – competition classes;
    • Individual prizes for the top 5 of in the Men and Women Elite classes;
    • Gifts for all participants of the youth classes (W/M10 and W/M12).
  • Sprint WRE: prizes for the top 3 in Men and Women Elite classes.
  • Middle WRE: prizes for the top 3 in Men and Women Elite classes.

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