Sprint WRE

Sprint World Ranking Event – Friday 25 January

The Sprint race will be one of the ABOM 2019 highlights, with World Ranking Event status.

To increase the interest and the number of spectators at the arena, Elite classes will run before the others. Elite runners will start their races at 14h00 and the prize giving ceremony will be around 15h30.

The other classes will start only after the prize giving ceremony, at 15h45. There won’t be given prizes to this classes.


Map: Dornelas

Map maker: Rafael Miguel (Portugal) – May 2017 (updated in December 2018)

Scale: 1:4000

Contour Interval: 2,5 meters




Technical information:

  • Course Setters: Daniel Silva and Rafael Miguel
  • Traffic: Traffic is very, very low in Dornelas. However it’s still possible to have some cars driving within the competition area.
CourseClasses           Distance
2WEM16M21BM45M50M55W18W20W21AW35W40Difficult Long2.71870
3M14M60M65W14W16W21BW45W50W55Easy Long21150
4M70M75M80W60W65W70W75Difficult Short1.51140
5M10M12W10W12Easy Short1.41535

Terrain description: old small town, very typical from this area of Portugal, with very narrow and disorganized roads.

Dornelas is divided in two small parts, linked by unpaved paths that cross cultivation areas.

Runners can expect some climb and no proper asphalt on the roads. Most are with cobblestones (pavé).



  • There will be a Quarantine only for Elite classes.
  • Quarantine will be held at Dornelas’ Parish Social Center.
  • Elite athletes need to enter the quarantine between 13h00 and 13h30.
  • Pre-start will be inside quarantine at -10 minutes.
  • The distance between quarantine (-10 minutes) and start (-2 minutes) is 900 meters. This course will be correctly signed by the organization.
  • First Start at 14h00.
  • In the quarantine it is not allowed to use phones, tablets, PC’s, MP3/4 or any kind of device with communications capabilities.
  • At quarantine check-out will be 2 tents for bag-drop. You can pick up your bag after finish the race. Note that Ori-Estarreja does not assume any lost or damage on the bags or material inside, so we strongly recommend not to leave any valuable objects with your belongings.


Start: Other classes first start will be at 15h45. From arena to start you need to do 900 meters. Please follow organization instruction to start.


Services at the Arena: Event office, IT, first-aid, babysitting and WC.


Parking: Drivers must follow the route indicated by the organizers. Parking is 350 to 700 meters away from arena.

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