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Aguiar da Beira Norte is a big forest map that held already Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering 2014, Iberian Championships 2016, Aguiar da Beira “O” Meeting 2017 and training camps organized by O-Portugal.pt.

However, every time we organize a new race in there, we map some more area. The map has already 16,9 Km2. Most competitions until now have been in unknown terrain.


ABOM 2019 won’t be an exception. We will map between 2 and 2,5 Km2 and will try to offer you a handfull of new challenges. Anyway, the area chosen for the Long and Middle WRE is the one close to Pinheiro, where just a few have been. Only ABOM 2017 Men Elite Long distance course have reached the area close to Pinheiro.


List of GPS tracking and images from previous competitions:

MCO 2014 Women Elite Long distance WRE

MCO 2014 Men Elite Long distance WRE

CIFO 2016 Middle distance

CIFO 2016 Long distance

ABOM 2017 Women Elite Middle distance WRE

ABOM 2017 Men Elite Middle distance WRE

ABOM 2017 Women Elite Long distance

ABOM 2017 Men Elite Long distance


Aguiar da Beira North complete_300dpi


Dornelas in a very small village that has never received an Orienteering competition before.

The map, with only 0,5 Km2, was mapped in April 2017 for promotion proposes. Since then, it has been used by O-Portugal.pt on training camps.

Dornelas O-Portugal training_200dpi
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