Model event

Map: Aguiar da Beira Norte (Fumadinha area)

Map makers: Janne Weckman (Finland) and Timmo Joensuu (Finland) November 2016

Scales: 1:10000 and 1:15000

Equidistance: 5 meters


This map (or parts of it) was used during Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering 2014, Iberian Championships 2016, Aguiar da Beira “O” Meeting 2017 and on training camps organized by

You can find the maps from the previous competitions on old maps menu.


Technical information:

  • Course Setter: Rafael Miguel
  • We strongly recommend the use of spike shoes.
  • There won’t be any arena setup for the model event.


Terrain description: varies between pine tree forest areas and open areas with rock faces. Some undergrowth vegetation on the deep re-entrant.

Terrain with moderate density of contour details and a lot of rock details.

Moderate to elevated climb.


Parking: Close to Fumadinha dam. Drivers must follow the route indicated by the organizers.

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