How to register

Entries must be made on the platform OriOasis.


On the same registration site, you can register yourself to the model event (4€/map), babysitting and hard floor (both are free-entry, but with mandatory registration).

If you have any restriction regarding start-times, please make a note during your entry on send us an e mail to


Elite Class Athletes also need to register themselves at EVENTOR.


Importante message for the Spanish athletes with FEDO license:

To be able to make the entries with the correct prices (the same as the Portuguese with POF license) you should not submit your entries using the “Express Entries” mode!

Instead, you should first log in on OriOasis using the same username and password as you usually do to make the online entries on FEDO system. To do so, you should use this link to log in ( and after that you can make your entries.


Residents on the County of Aguiar da Beira can register themselves free of charge to the event. Registration is done at Aguiar da Beira City Hall or by message via Oriented For Life Social Media.


If you have difficulties/questions related to submissions please send an e-mail to:


If you have difficulties wile using OriOasis platform you can send the following data by e-mail and the Organization will hold your registration.

  • Name (s) of the athletes (s);
  • Date (s) of birth;
  • The Club’s name;
  • Federated FPO number;
  • Nº of SI-card if you have one. In the absence of this, you can use a rental.
    • The hiring of an SI-card costs € 1.00 per day of Competition, being free for open classes.
    • The loss or non-return of SI Card rental implies the payment of € 50.
  • Class to register in;
  • Competition to take part (in case you don’t want to take part in all 3 competition stages)

NOTE: On the Open classes, because they have a formation and promotion propose, it is possible to participate in groups. However, all participants in the group must be individually registered, as they all carry their own SI-card and map.


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