Live Center


During ABOM 2019, a broad live coverage will be available to follow each stage in detail both at the Arena and in the Internet.

In each stage, preliminary Live Results will be provided. For each runner that finish his course, the live classification will be updated.



We also have some radio controls on the terrain, so we get some punch times to check how the runners are doing.

Bruno Nazário will the speaker in charge at the Arena so there is a guarantee to follow all the top athletes on the run.

But the forest stages have some additional live features. The top runners from Elite classes will carry a GPS unit so we provide Live GPS Tracking in the Net.



Some TV Cameras will be on the Arena and following the runners providing a YouTube video livestream with TV, GPS coverage and Speaker.

But if you come to the Arena, you don’t need a phone or computer to follow the stage. There is a big screen near the Finish corridor where all the action ends.



After the last Elite Men or Women starts, the course maps will be available in the website. All class maps will be on Facebook a bit after.

At the end of each stage, the final and splits results will be online.

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