• In the courses P1 (class  ME, M18, M20, M21A, M35 e M40) and P2 (class WE, M16, M21B, M45, M50, M55, W18, W20, W21A, W35, W40 e Difícil Longo) the course is divided in two parts, both printed in the sized A4+ sheet.
  • The first course part is printed on the left side of the sheet and the second part on the right side.
  • Youth courses (class W10, M10, W12 e M12) start freely after 15h45 without predefined startime.
  • Open courses (class escalões Easy Short, Easy Long, Dificult Short e Dificult Long) start freely after 15h45 without predefined startime.
  • At the start, there is a designated corridor for Open classes and other for Youth Classes.
  • The organization kindly ask all non Elite athletes to cheer up the Elite class runners during their courses, in the timeframe from 14h00 to 15h10 and invite to assist the prize giving ceremony at 15h30, before strting their own courses.
  • All athletes should follow all organizing team indications from the Arena to the start.

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